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Matt & Kristin Campbell

Branch Street Coffee Roasters

Branch Street

At Branch Street Coffee Roasters, you will notice that owners Matt and Kristin Campbell do things differently. They have a passion for all things coffee, which shows in the final product and they excitement they will share with you. Matt and Kristin work closely with importers to find the best coffee available on the market, even if it means taking trips to source coffee beans from some of the most remote places in South America... which might be why they consistently score 92+ in national coffee ratings by Coffee Review. Using a Diedrich specialty coffee roaster brings out flavors and characteristics that put their product in a league of its own.

Each coffee is carefully studied and tasted before they design a roasting method that will enhance the flavor for that particular bean. From the moment you experience the first taste, you will know that it is something special.

1393 Boardman Canfield Rd. Boardman, OH 44512 | 330.727.6910 | branchstreetcoffee.com


Somewhere in a location less comfortable right now famers are picking coffee cherries that are used for your morning cup. Since 2015, we at Branch Street Coffee Roasters have dedicated ourselves to listen to these farmers, and our patrons alike, to provide a unique experience for everyone who walks through our doors. Behind each cup holds immense flavor profiles and the story of the cultivation & sourcing from farm to your table.


We are an independent coffee roaster with a pair of locations found in Youngstown, Ohio. As we continue to build a bolder future of coffee culture in the Northeast Ohio Region, we also yearn to cultivate community encompassing patrons and coffee shoppes in the greater area. Our staff has furthered this by finding partnerships with fellow cafes to use our beans and expertise in their shoppes in order to generate the conversation about how coffee is more than a transaction.


Here we only want to improve the day-to-day lives of those who walk through our doors, to culture a sense of comfort and intrigue by virtue of the coffee we produce- welcome home.