Helping People Hear

Meet Fortunato Figliano Hearing Missions Foundation

Fortunato Figliano

The belief system behind the Figliano’s culture of caring has been heavily influenced by more than 15 years of mission work leading to the creation of the Hearing Missions Foundation, to help anyone with a hearing impairment. that needs their help. Through their foundation they have shown their commitment to helping the poorest of the poor gain access to better hearing both in the local community with their Annual Hearing Missions and internationally, traveling to places like Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and the West Indies. Their foundation work is grounded in delivering the gift of hearing to those in deep financial crisis who would otherwise live in silence. Their teams of volunteers stay focused impacting the lives, one person at a time, with love, compassion, and commitment. It is through these gestures that they positively impact the world. It is a culture of caring... caring for not only patients, but one another, and the world in which they hear.

126 York Ave. Suite #2 Boardman, OH 44512 | | 330.779.8090

20 Years and Running at Eastwood Field

Just like each person, each community has its own identity, and its own traditions and its own evolving needs. It takes a special kind of developer to appreciate that fact. And for nearly 70 years, Cafaro Company has done just that, integrating high quality retail spaces into some of America’s most iconic cities.

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Let Duncan Do It!

Duncan’s Bath & Kitchen Center

Duncan’s Bath & Kitchen Center

Tom and Jason Duncan

Duncan’s Bath & Kitchen Center

Over 62 years ago E.H. Duncan opened its doors as a reputable remodeling and plumbing business. That business has evolved into the area’s premier bath and kitchen remodeling company.

Duncan’s is known for being an expert remodeling destination, with a large bath and kitchen showroom displaying stylish products for your remodeling projects which includes bath and kitchen remodeling, laundry rooms, family rooms, basements, home office and plumbing. Tom Duncan is currently the second generation owner with over 43 years’ experience in remodeling and plumbing. Duncan employs professional designers and craftsmen. The next generation of ownership Jason Duncan, is a Certified Aging In Place Specialist who understands the needs and the safety requirements necessary for our aging population and is committed to maintaining the same work ethic and dedication to providing quality home remodeling and services for all of our customers. The winners of numerous local and national awards, the Duncan Team is passionate about making your dreams come true. We invite you to Let Duncan Do It!

108 S Main St. | Poland, OH 44514 | 330.757.3764

Not Your Father's Bean Counters

HD Davis CPAs

HD Davis CPAs

Meet Tim Petrey, Harold Davis, Joe Kilgore, and Angela Duskey

Not Your Father’s Bean Counters. The formula is simple... Our Clients success & growth is DIRECTLY related to our success and growth. From individuals to booming businesses, we understand our clients on a personal level. We take the extra time and energy to help our clients achieve their goals by utilizing cutting-edge technology to spend less time counting beans and more time figuring out ways for our clients to get more beans.

HD Davis CPAs, LLC was founded in 2007 by Harold Davis, CPA with a unique spin on the traditional accounting firm. In 2009, Harold met and hired a young local accountant who fit his non-traditional mold, Tim Petrey CPA, who helped to uniquely position HD Davis CPAs for the future.

In recent years, the addition of new partners Joe Kilgore, CPA and Angela Duskey, CPA have allowed the firm to grow into a local leader in small business accounting, tax and technology consulting. Tim and all of his partners are dedicated to their clients and Youngstown’s success as well, supporting many of the local entrepreneurial ventures.

125 Churchill Hubbard Rd. | Youngstown, OH 44505 | 330.759.8522

It's Not Black or White It's Grey

Grey Boutique - Amy Abruzere

Grey Boutique - Amy Abruzere

We recently got a chance to catch up with Amy Abruzere, owner of Grey Boutique in Boardman, Ohio, she’s getting ready to celebrate her 1-year anniversary on being in business.

Where did you get your sense of style and inspiration from? I love NYC and its vibe that anything goes. Everything about that city inspires me.

How would you describe your fashion sensibility? I would say my style is Versatile/City Chic.

As you come up on your 1-year anniversary, have you taken a moment to reflect on that journey? I reflect daily - it’s something I’ve always done. Every day is a new day to learn, teach, and make decisions that impact me personally and professionally. 

Where did the name “Grey Boutique” come from? G R E Y - A mentor told me year after year that my career had been a success because my leadership style is “grey”. Everything is not always black and white. So “grey” is very personal to me.

When it comes to styling, what do you typically try to tell your clients? You have to feel confident and comfortable!!

You’ve got great customer service and deliver a great experience. Why is that so important to you and your clients? Engaging with everyone who walks in is a most important, and every experience should be different. I love meeting new people and helping them look and feel “their best self”. My beautiful “grey girls” know how important this is. 

What’s Amy’s shoe collection look like and is there a favorite pair? Favorite pair - Christian Louboutin Moulamax suede 85mm in GREY of course!! I love all shoes, so of course my shoe wall is MASSIVE (with a big smile and laugh!!!)

When you aren’t styling Youngstown, what do you do in your spare time?
I am a mom of 2 boys so my days/nights revolve around them.

Following you on Instagram, it looks like you love to travel…What is your favorite or most memorable vacation? Maui for sure! My hubby and I traveled there 15 years ago! Can’t wait to take our boys there. 

What’s the best pizza in Youngstown? OMG, if I had to pick 1 it would be “Bella Napoli”! Close second is”Gia’s”.

What does the next year have in store for Grey Boutique? Great question…Maybe Grey x2??? STAY TUNED!! 


Amy Abruzere always had a passion for Fashion. With over 20 year’s experience in retail, it was time for her to step away and follow her dreams. May 29th, 2017 Grey’s online website launched and October 6th, 2017 the store front opened in Boardman, Ohio. Each item in Grey is handpicked by Amy with careful consideration to have the upmost quality, style and of course FASHION sense. With vendors across the globe you are sure to find something you will fall in love with. So why "Grey"? Grey is a feeling much different than dull or sad, rather it’s mysterious and original. Grey exudes confidence. Grey is strong. When you walk into Grey Boutique or receive your package in the mail we want you to feel GORGEOUS! Our mission is to go above and beyond to bring the hottest fashions to you and ensure you have the service and experience you deserve.

1393 Boardman Canfield Rd. | Boardman, OH 44512 | 330.523.6052

Everyone Has a Right to Hear

Centers for Hearing Care

Dr. Sheryl Figliano

Centers for Hearing Care

Dr. Sheryl Figliano and Fortunato Figliano center their Audiology practice on a culture of caring. “Everyone has a right to hear” and “Anyone who needs our help will not be turned away” is a belief system Centers for Hearing Care is founded and operated on day in and day out.

The Figliano’s are passionate about delivering superior patient care and ensures that every patient, across all 7 Centers for Hearing Care locations, receives the utmost compassion and sincerity. They strive to enrich the lives of each individual who walks through the door, guaranteeing the “white glove treatment” they deserve.

The Audiology Professionals at Centers for Hearing Care have been delivering their knowledge and expertise since 1989.

“We love what we do, it’s more than just a job, it’s giving the gift of hearing.”

126 York Ave. | Boardman, OH 44512


Thermae's Organic Retreat Awaits You

Thermae Retreat

Hilary Cook & David Kapp

Thermae Retreat

Thermae is an organic retreat centered around relaxing, detoxing saunas, and holistic therapies. Experience the ultimate getaway with any of the services ranging from massage to skin care and clay treatments that work with the body on a cellular level.

Founded in Fort Lauderdale 5 years ago, owners Hilary Cook, Kelly Doyle (not pictured) and David Kapp have expanded to 3 locations. Memberships also available to enjoy the Finnish and Infrared saunas daily. It is Thermae's pleasure to offer you a space to meditate, relax, detox and find peace. Thermae believes education is key to finding the choices that work for your health, your mind and your spirit.

7250 W Blvd. | Boardman, OH 44512