The ICONS of Youngstown is a unique marketing opportunity that features iconic brands, businesses and people in and around a 5-county area of Youngstown, Ohio. The ICONS Book is an annual publication, complimented by an online component and events.

Youngstown has a great history of entrepreneurism, this book is a celebration of that and our modern day icons. It has been a truly remarkable and humbling experience learning about each and every one of these businesses, more importantly the people.

Their stories are truly inspiring. I’ve had the pleasure of learning about how they got started, the risk that’s involved, overcoming challenges, in some cases three to four generations of family ownership and the success stories. We I love the fact that we get to play a part in celebrating the wins and telling the stories. While this is a completely new concept to the Youngstown Region, we are grateful for the the people that embraced this idea and given the Icons of Youngstown Team the opportunity to tell their story.

ICONS of Youngstown is currently being distributed at 70+ locations in and around the Youngstown area, we will celebrate this group throughout the year by through our digital efforts via blog and social media. Additionally, we will be hosting by partnering with a number of Icons for events throughout the year. Be sure to pick up your FREE copy today.

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